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Our mission is Bringing perspective to Penrith. Drones. Photography. History.

And it was our Anthony who came up with the most reasonable origin of the name Penrith, ever!

See it in the June 2019 Issue of Penrith Beacontm Magazine!

So if you want us for your drone and other videography and photography needs - someone who really understands perspective - please get in contact with us!

And you've seen our boys out and about in Penrith before!

Anthony Harrison

Anthony caught in the May Day deluge!
Captured here by Max Gatrell ©

Anthony's family put the eastern stained-glass windows in St Andrews Church, you've been looking at the Harrison's vision for Penrith for centuries!

Adjacent The Giant's Grave you can see their history for yourself - their family plot lines the wall of St Andrew's Church!

Formerly a regular army aviation super-tech, you'll regularly see Anthony doing a recce of Penrith by drone.

This is not the first time that Penrith has seen this family about town - known for centuries as "The Harrison's of the North" (after whom Harrison's Stickle was named) - his grandfather was a decorated reconnaissance pilot in WW1.

And because the Harrison's inherited the Polish title of Count Boris Ossolinski, of Armboth on Thirlmere, Anthony's grandfather also administered the Polish Pilots in the Battle of Britain in WW2.

It was through this heritage that Anthony inherited the title Count Ossolinski, from his father, in the '60s - and if you know much about the law of arms, you'll know that he's properly Count Anthony Richard Boris Jackson-Ossalinsky-Jackson-Harrison ... but Count Anthony Harrison will do!

And yes, his father was in The Border Regiment, The Household Cavalry (Blues and Royals), The Special Air Service, and MI5 - so putting the right team on the ground runs in his blood!

Descending from one of the old families of Penrith, you only have to take a leaf out of Dorothy Wordsworth's diary: "I was roused by a shout that Anthony Harrison was come!"

It was, of course, William Wordsworth doing the rousing!

Max Gatrell

Max rising out of King Arthur's Round Table!
A very low drone shot by Anthony Harrison ©

Max completes the picture by adding that close-up perspective of Penrith, where two feet on the ground is needed to compliment Anthony's camera in the sky!

As an associate photographer, Max is charming and discreet - you've seen Max happily snapping around town, blending his unique perspective of Penrith as she goes about her business!





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